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What a great website!...but no traffic?

One of the most common stories on the internet is "I've had my website designed but I'm getting no sales!".
When getting online you can create a website yourself with the many website builder tools that are available, but it's important not to forget to optimse the website. Take the time to speak with a search engine optimisation
professional in order to understand how to get the traffic you need.
There are two types of search engine website marketing available :

1. Sponsored Ads
2. Organic Listings

1. Sponsored ads like Google's Adwords are a great way to get traffic fast, the only draw back being that you have to pay for each visitor, the more competitive the search phrase the more you have to pay per click. The skill with Adwords is setting up a campaign to attract targeted searches that offer a high conversion rate. This is where our years of experience can benefit your company. Contact us now for a free quotation and to discuss the best approach to marketing your website and increasing your website's popularity.

2. Organic listings are by far the superior of the two, over 80% of searchers click on an organic listing before clicking on a paid ad.
This type of search engine optimisation takes a lot of time, effort, research and resources, that is where we come in. As a web design and promotion company we have years of experience to help your website grow, quotation is free of charge so please contact us now to discuss your website's potential.

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